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We are two Master of Arts graduates within the field of Media Studies and Communication studies/Cultural Studies. Through our five years at the university, RUC, our primary focus has been on Gender Research/Gender Studies with a speciel interest in representation of gender, sexuality as well as diversity in the media (especially in tv-/streaming-series). Our thesis statement was as follows:

Based on the two american streaming-series Transparent (2014-) & Sense8 (2015-) we wish, with a queer-theoretical gaze, to examine how the two series represent gender and sexuality and to what degree they break with earlier heteronormative representation in the media landscape

Our purpose with this blog is to share our knowledge as well as encourage a more nuanced debate regarding feminism than the one we see in mainstream media (DR, TV 2 etc.). We are hoping to create a platform where we can continue to share our further research with everyone who might have an interest in feminism (including queer studies, gender, marginalized groups, sexuality, discourse, sociale constructions of femininity as well as masculinity and so much more).

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In short, we wish to erase and challenge the prevailing understanding of feminism as a dirty word as well as the, especially the danish, understanding/definition of fourth wave feminism’s limited focus on female sexuality (which we do believe is an important, but small part of the overall feminist goal).

– Anja & Kris